Nvidia dual mining (1060,1070)

SapfonSapfon FinlandMember Posts: 3
I've given my Nvidia cards a try at claymore dual mining eth+verge but it seems that the hashrate for dual mining is low.
I get around 22MH at Eth and only around 300MH at Blake2 verge with my 1060 6gb cards.
RX580 gives me solid 29-30MH and 1200MH at Blake2.

So my question is, are others getting low amounts of blake2 when dual mining with Nvidia ? Should I dual mine something else with Nvidia ? I used nicehash for ages but it's quite unstable and annoying.


  • asusrigasusrig Member Posts: 141
    IMO it is not worth it to dual mine. Verge is so cheap you can just buy it on Binance. It is not worth the hassles and losing hash rates with Ethereum. Ethereum requires fast memory and Verge higher chip clock speeds. You are going to sacrifice one way or the other in hash rates trying to dual mine. And you will use more power while doing it.

    I am dual mining ZEC and ETH with my rigs in a way, but each card is only mining one currency. Each rig has 7x1070ti and 6xRX580. The Nvidia cards are mining ZEC and the AMD cards ETH.
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