Problem: Only 20 Mh on RX 580?



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    My RX 580s run stable at 30+ (8GB eth only) and 29+ (4GB eth only) with power draw both types are 75W (GPUZ) I don't know how much from wall. But when doing dual mine ETHDCR eth hashes the same while DCR I get around 888 MH with power draw around 100W.

    Don't need Afterburner or any OC tools whatsoever. So I have only the bat file on the startup folder with no additional OC tools. The only settings I add on claymore was -fanmin 70 and -tt 75.

    First thing before modding your bios is to find the stable clock during OC. So out of the box, run your cards with different OC setting to get highest hashrate with the highest clock it can get. (Mine was various ranging between 2000-2200 each card). If you mine eth, go up with the mem but go down with the core (I got for example stable at core 1105 and mem 2025). Note the clock for each card, they will be different (or the same also. Just note them all).

    At this point you already have the sweet clock for your card, let's say 1100/2100.
    1. Next backup your original BIOS.
    2. Run Polaris and go with the mod. Changing timing strap (as you already know) and go to the GPU box. On the last value (bottom one) type in your noted core clock. In this example 1100 and type 850 on the mV box (this is the voltage and can be changed later if your card is unstable).
    3. Go to Memory box, type 2100 in the last value (bottom one) and 850 in the mV box.
    4. Save
    5. Run ATIflash and flash it.
    6. That's it your card is already OCed by default with lower power consumption. No need afterburner or anything since it's already overclocked by BIOS.

    Here's an example from my HIS RX580 4GB IceQ X2. My advice, even if you have the same card, don't flash my bios to your card. Just copy the value on your bios and flash it using that. I was once almost bricked my card using another bios although it came from the identical card.
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    zerkalo said:

    good afternoon!
    vindous 10, driver Blockchain on RX580 stitched hashed 30 but this is when the memory is 2050 and the kernel is 1366 (default frequency) if you drop the kernel to 1150-1200 (as advised) the hasht falls to 27? tell me where to dig. and even in the amd driver of the Blockchain in the tab of the game-global settings there is no tab switching performance graphics

    Relive driver with graphics/compute switch was starting from 17.10. There's no switch before that.
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    flash bios, pay attention to the bios names and your memory type, use only if the name of the bios matches. also remember to back up your bios. then use afterburner to set clock to 1000-1100 and memory from 1950 to 2080... if the bios does not improve speed much, find a better bios
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