Help creating new token tied to fiat currency and fixed price increases

I would like to create a new token and smart contract, but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Ethereum and blockchain in general. I'm also not a programmer.

My goal is to create a fixed number of tokens. Every time the token is bought the following things should happen:

Its price/value doubles. Ideally, I would like to tie the price to the USD or another fiat currency.

The payment is distributed to multiple parties. For example, the current value is $100. When it is bought for $200 75% goes to the seller and 25% goes to the original token creator.

The tokens must always be available to buy from the current owner when a new buyer is willing to pay the 2X price. It can never be sold for a lower price.

If possible, the buyer will have the option to be listed publicly as the current owner or remain anonymous.

I'm looking for advice on how to accomplish this. Are there any open-source examples I might be able to customize? How difficult is this to do and what are the necessary components? Is anyone interested in helping me with this project?


  • jerry_kanjerry_kan Member Posts: 4
    1. the price can't automatically connect to USD, but you may use a new smart contract which update every minutes to let your contract know the current Ether-USD price.
    2. payment distribution is easy thing, just google about ether ico contract code and figure it out.
    3. transaction can't be waiting for reply from current owner if there's new buyer, maybe you mean the current owner can buy it back?
    4. of course it can be public, this is block chain.
    5. it's not that hard, please do some research.
    6. pay me and I'll consider do it.. :D
  • algarvecfalgarvecf Member Posts: 5
    Its not hard if you know how to do it ;)
  • Sio2Sio2 Member Posts: 1
    So the easiest stable solution for selling tokens for fiat currency (I mean with it's price fixed in fiat currency) is via manual distribution?
    Will it be negative for ICO success?
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