SendTransaction - how to form a correct request

lore31lore31 Member Posts: 11
Hello Everybody,

I am building an Oracle that I use to check some online services.
I would like to use the JSON RPC request "send transaction" to call some functions that I defined in a contract (already mined and working).

In Alethzero, the way I would call that method is :


Now how should I form the request in, say, Javascript?

I tried:

web3.eth.sendTransaction({ "to": "5bbc2ceee99583200d6331ff4038ef7839f85bdd", "data" : '$0xb5f54de3\n0x878c60f5d633f36c2d754e9aa02f9440498017b3\n"fsdfs2"\n"dfsfsf2"\n"dasdas2"\n"fdgdfg2"\n"fsfsf2"\n"fsdfsd2"' })
... but it does not work. Please help.


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