Mining blocks when there are no transactions

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Blocks are mined even when there are no transactions happening.

1. What is the purpose of that?
2. How can I adjust the reward that is given to the miner for such "empty" blocks?


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    1: Sometimes there's no transactions to be mined, but miners still need to make money. Even if it was required to have transactions to mine a block, a miner could make transactions to himself and have the same effect, but bloat the blockchain even more.
    2: I'm not sure if I understand this question. The miner is rewarded by the network as a whole by giving it newly created ether. No one "pays" for the ether. While it is possible to alter the code of a given node to change the amount of created ether to give, this node would immediately break off and form its own network, as it would disagree with the other nodes on how much ether a given account has.
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    @Smithgift thank you for the reply.

    A clarification on #2: I understand nobody pays for that ether. What I am asking is -- is there a way to adjust the reward that a miner gets per block?
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    @kostas: There's no simple config file/command line option to do that that I know of. I think you could theoretically change the code in the client itself, but as I said, that would make a separate network.
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