Real world application of smart contracts?

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Hello all, this is my first post here and I hope this is the right area to put this.

I work as a management consultant and some of my clients expressed interest in Cryptos. The industries I work in are Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate . I have done some research and Ethereum seems to be the solution I would recommend or at least advise someone to use, the questions I have about Ethereum are;

1) How useable is all of this stuff/blockchain and can your run of the mill business implement it?

2) What time scales are involved?

3) Other than ICO tokens I don't know a use for smart contracts and haven't actually seen one and how you would make and manage one?

I had a client that used to struggle managing ticket requests from customers, so I recommended they use Jira. This solved their problem of managing a large number of tickets. Is there an example of how you could use Ethereum in the same way?

Would be great to get an example that's not theoretical... B)B)B)


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    I don't know enough about smart contracts to know if this would work... but I was thinking game servers. When you donate to the server, it would initiate code that would give you a "thank you" item in the game. I did this on my game server but with Paypal, but I imagine it could be done with smart contracts. Or even just online stores. The smart contract would be the check out process for a sale.

    Or Blender rendering or general GPU based computations. You already got miners with GPU rigs, so some could setup a smart contract that temporary stops mining in order to process a data set for a fee. In fact this could maybe even be built into a special "pool" system where it uses multiple rigs at the same time. So you enter your rig into a "rendering pool" and get paid in ether based on usage. You would not need to be a miner to do it, but since you already have the hardware may as well use it for both. I don't really know how big demand for something like that would be though.
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