address type sent as input, but when returned as output shows contract address

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When I try to input a variable of type address, and return it - the returned output is always the contracts address (I'm trying this with mix). However if I use an uint8 - it's properly returned as expected.

I've used the following contract to test with - to isolate the issue:

contract ContractTest {
	address owner;
	function ContractTest() {
		owner = msg.sender;
	function returnMeAddress(address input) returns (address) {
		return input;
	function returnMeInt(uint8 input ) returns (uint8) {
		return input;
	function kill() {
		if(msg.sender == owner ) suicide(owner);
Anyone who knows if this is a bug in mix, or perhaps if not to use address as type (and if so what instead?)

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