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Hi, to start, I will say I'm somewhat new to crypto, and certainly unlettered in blockchain technology. I own Ethereum and have been keeping it in Coinbase. Today I went to withdraw funds to my Paypal account, and discovered the Paypal feature temporarily disabled. I went online to see if I could find any updates on this matter, and found (on reddit), a number of posts claiming that Coinbase's Paypal feature has not been working for weeks. Others were claiming that they lost large sums of money using Coinbase, and that Coinbase support was not responsive.

Do we (in this forum) have an opinion re: the efficiency of Coinbase? Is there a better exchange (not sure if this is the correct term), i.e. can anyone recommend a site similar in functionality to Coinbase that is more reliable. I've been looking at Any feedback on this one? Thanks very much


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    Are you in the US or Europe? I'm in the EU and had trouble withdrawing any funds. Found it best to get a MasterCard (not cash card, but bank account with online banking). I was able to withdraw from various other exchanges (who's name escapes me as I'm not in the office) but for the sake of not wanting to be tracked.. go on coinmarketcap and look at the exchanges that support Ethereum... For what its worth I can tell you ones to avoid..


    And ones not not ;) to avoid

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    I am in USA, California. Will check out your recommendations. Thanks very much.
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