ClayMore 10.6 Command Line Settings

TheCase119TheCase119 Member Posts: 1
When mining ETH only ( i.e. no 2nd coin).....

Does using -dcri affect the intensity or rate of accumulation of shares? For example I'm using -dcri 18 and I get 4-6 mh/s higher than the stock -drci 30. Is this slowing my shares any? What if I change the -dcri to -drci 10 ?

How is adjusting -dcri different than -ethi 8 or 16? Shoud I be using -ethi 16?

Are there any more claymore command line settings I should be using? Thanks!

14 RX 570's and RX580's on SMOS [and sometimes Windows 10 Pro] ...... Thanks!


  • SiilaSiila Member Posts: 38
    Claymore admited himself he set -ethi 8 as default cause more was giving lot of stale share.
    On my side i didnt enter -ethi value so it use 8 by default.
    For the dcri value, on my rx i use 5. (eth only mode) & -asm 2 to fix unstable rig.
  • mchoetimchoeti Member Posts: 7
    hoi, i had a similar question, i found a line in the manual

    ETH-only mode when ASM algorithm is used (enabled by default): change "-dcri" option value with "+/-" keys in runtime to find best speeds. If you get best speed at "-dcri 1" (i.e. you cannot find speed peak), use "-asm 2" option to enable alternative ASM kernel (available for Tonga and Polaris cards only).
    NOTE 1: if GPU throttles (overheated) or if you overclocked GPU, best "-dcri" value will be different.
    NOTE 2: speed peak can be rather short, so change "-dcri" value slowly, one-by-one.
    NOTE 3: best -dcri values for ETH-only mode and dual mode can be different.

    i will try it over night with -dcri 6

    cheers Mchoeti
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