SAPPHIRE RX 570 NITRO+ 8GB MICRON [bluescreen with original and modified bios]

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i have problem with my gpu.
I flashed bios from for rx 570 nitro+ 8gb micron, and getting blue screen.
So, i switched bios to "silent" position, and into windows put it back to original position and flash with original bios. But still getting blue screen(with original bios!
I tried different drivers, different versions of bios from internet etc.
2gpu's now totally bricked (both bioses), 6gpu's bricked on default side of bios switch.

Please help :/


  • rmhrmh Member Posts: 410 ✭✭✭
    The original bios you reverted, are originating from your cards by you or just downloaded from somewhere(anorak for example)?
    By the way, if your card works with the silent position's bios, let go the problem and use that, backup that and try another modded bios on the other bios switch position.
  • OnestigOnestig Member Posts: 9
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    @rmh hi, no it's my original BIOS, but also tried original from anorak website.

    So Now six of my eight gpu's working on silent position with original bios, but two gpu's RIP on both sides. And i am scary of modding bios on last six cards, on silent position..
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