Does GPU's RAM matter?

rozo123rozo123 Member Posts: 2
Hello, I am newbie in Crypto mining space. For budget reason and GPU stock availability, I am thinking to get 1060 3GB for mining ETH.

I have been viewing articles about GPU Vs Hashrate. In MiningCHamp, I found nVidia 1060 3GB has about the same hash rate as 1060 6GB. However, from this article , once the DAG increases to certain size, 1060 3GB has insufficient memory to mine ETH.

Are the information I read is correct? appreciate if you can share your thoughts and suggestion.


  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 371 ✭✭
    Yes that is correct. Once the DAG is greater than your GPU memory, you can no longer mine it. You could go and other mine other items if you went that direction and mined ETH until it wasn't possible. I know video cards are hard to find right now so it's obviously a personal choice. (Even the 3gb models are selling for 450+)
  • sutheksuthek Member Posts: 324 ✭✭
    Current dag size is 2.29 GB
    it crossed the 2gb mark in the late summer i think?

    I suspect you'll be good for all of 2018 (or most of 2018...)

    And by then the eth POS might be out and the 3gb limit won't matter. mining ETH won't be a thing anymore.

    Also, keep in mind you can always switch to another coin once the 3GB limit is hit.
    music coin is quite profitable... along with zcash and a bunch of others.

    Basically, I don't think 3GB is a deal breaker. Get whatever is cheaper and chase that ROI as soon as possible.
    They may not work for ETH for ever... but there's always another coin to chase.

    plus, GTX cards can do equihash pretty well... so you have lots of coins to choose from.
  • rozo123rozo123 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Eric and Suthek! I am now more confident to purchase the GPU cards which are selling at ridiculous price. Good luck with the mining too!
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