Mining advise regarding my hardware ( msi big bang xpower ii )

ssj2richssj2rich Member Posts: 1
first time in the forum and I've searched and couldn't find an answer so i'm trying my luck

TL;DR - i am trying to figure out how many gpus can i put on my old hardware
Cpu : intel 3960x
Mobo : Msi big bang xpower ii
ram : 64gb ddr3 1600mhz
PSU : 2x 800w + 1 * 1200w

i've been mining bitcoin back in 2011 and i've been mining ethereum for over a month with old salvage parts from my older computers
2x570, 2x 290, doing pretty good ,

i've recently was offered a few gpus for a good price and before i accept it , i'm trying to figure out if my mother board can handle 8 (or better yet 10) gpus
i'll be getting 6 x rx 580 , so in total i'll have 6x580, 2x 570, 2x290

i've already got riser cards and everything i need (apart from the cards,
but not sure or clear about the motherboard and cant find an answer anywhere

a few pics of my setup


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