Red Devil Rx 580 Hashrate drops over time... Any help?

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Hey guys,

i have build my 4th rig and i have some annoying issues with 2 GPUs. My cards are running on 29,3 MH/s and i am fine with that. When i start my ethminer all 6 cards run on 29,3 hashrate, but 2 GPUs start dropping slowly in their hashrate.

At the beginning:

This is the result after 4 minutes running:

After 8 minutes running:

And this finds its bottom at [email protected] ~23,5Mhs and [email protected] ~ 24,5 Mhs.... Total hashrate @ 164 ~Mhs.

I have also tested everything with lower clocks, blockchain driver, older driver, and so on but always the same behaviour. Any suggestions?

GPU: 6x Powercolor Red Devil RX 580 8 GB Samsung Memory
Running with modded Bios @1380/2200/-150mv stable
Driver: Adrenalin 17.12.1
MB: Gigabyte H110-D3A
RAM: 4 GB Crucial
CPU: Intel Celeron G 3900
OS: WIN 10


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    Dumb question but some things are easily overlooked...
    Have you watched the thermals of the two cards? Are they behaving the same as the others?

    Might be good to set up some graphs in HWiNFO64 just to compare what's going on.

    If they're dropping slowly they might be being throttled, try watching the thermal, fan speed and voltage at the same time.
  • M1schuM1schu Member Posts: 4
    I have done some stats here! Maybe you see some remarkable differences... I dont know how "GPU Memory Errors" may affect the hashrate, but there are 3 values which are really high, and only 2 GPUs are hashing low.

    The 2nd one a lower average amperage, this could be a hint, but no clue how to fix this.

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    That's a hell of a lot of memory errors in my opinion.
    Try downing your memory clock to around 2175mhz, if you're still getting lots try another 25mhz.

    Have you tried the suspected dropping cards with the others pci 6 or 8 pin power cables to see if it's those that are faulty?
  • M1schuM1schu Member Posts: 4
    I have lowered the clock to 2175 and not every card is stable running on 29.2 MHs! Thanks for your help! <3
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    M1schu said:

    I have lowered the clock to 2175 and not every card is stable running on 29.2 MHs! Thanks for your help! <3</p>


    My Sapphire RX 580 was dipping a bit when it went over 2200, stable at 2150 though and getting 30.3MHz out of it.

    You cards seem to run really hot though, 75'c is very close to the default thermal throttle of 80.. or 85'c can't quite remember which.

    Do you have any way you can lower the Temp?
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