Awesome Miner?

Wasp0Wasp0 Member Posts: 49
Anyone used this?

Any Thoughts?

Looks nice interface, but wondered on performance and any other quirks.



  • theclamtheclam Member Posts: 91
    Works great, good if you have a lot of rigs.. I still struggle to make windows stable so I run Ethos with miningpoolhub and use awesome miner to manage pool elections on my ASICs. 9 GPU rigs. 10 ASICs D3s, L3+s, S9s and an A3 on the way. Awesome miner shows you your total revenue by coin and/or by also which is really nice to a quick sanity check or profitability.
    When you do run windows, it is really good! I had no problems with it choosing the right coin to mine and the tuning for each card is awesome... But like I said Windows and 7+ cards rigs is been problematic.
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