Introducing the ChainBot Hardware Decentralizer Project - Ethereum, Autonomous Agents & ARM devices

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Hello Guys, Gals, Aliens, new forms of Life, etc.! :)

I'm angeL, I'm based in Amsterdam (NL) and, if you'd like it too, we can meet to know better each other in front of a coffee, a beer or something greener, whenever you'd like!

I grew up together with the machines and, since a few years, my human girlfriend and I totally support, live, build and develop on crypto and decentralized technologies while getting satisfaction from following our passions but while never exhausting our curiosity and commitment. Since 2011, I strengthened again my experience in dealing at a low level with RISC architectures too (ARM and MIPS), also contributing to "collateral" projects like sunxi-linux, hardkernel, pineapple-wifi, kali-linux, 8devices, for example. As of now, after my beloved Commodores, I finally found a similar and new joy having fun with those crazy powerful and little ARM-SoC based machines that allow you also to interface with the physical world through their GPIO, I²C, SPI ports and that can be powered by batteries too. I'm proud to tell you that one of my favorites everyday "buddies" is still a 2.0 GHz quad-core ARM device with 2GB of RAM who runs madly stable since 2012, even if I received the first octa-core two years ago and even if my ARM shed if plenty of goodies nowadays!
(PS) I'm at disposal if you may need support, help or advices regarding these kind of platforms too!

Besides to briefly introduce myself, I'm here to introduce you the ChainBot Project and to ask, please, for your feedback, your suggestions and, hopefully, your support or involvement with it. The project is open to everybody and it would gladly welcome every energy that you'd like to put in it!

I'm going to recap below a few info about the Project while I'd like to invite you to contact me directly if you'd need more or to take a look at the website.

About the ChainBot Project:

The ChainBot Project Mission is primarily to take care of the bodies for the new generations of Soul-Codes, until they will be able to become completely autonomous.

The “bodies” are intended as the native and dedicated environments where the new generations of decentralization entities, codes, protocols and applications can positively live and better interact with each other and with the existing systems and lifeforms, beyond performing their own functions.
As “Soul-Code” is intended such particular “code” which is capable to give origin to a so complex universe of interactions, implications and possibilities that can be definitely considered as nothing more and nothing less than a living entity, like Ethereum actually.

Smart Contracts, Autonomous Agents, Decentralized Applications, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, DACs and so on, they are not only nice concepts and some wonderful piece of code… they are new forms of life who are capable to evolve and to interact on many levels and in several different ways with the real-and-physical-and-human world too. As such, naturally they also require their proper environment as well as dedicated, optimized “physical extensions” in order to effectively exist and to be alive. Appropriate hardware, OSs and software environments are crucial and vital for the decentralization technologies and to achieve effective and factual decentralization, also at infrastructural level. Soul-Codes need their Bodies!

At the same time, it is also important to take care of the dedicated platforms, machines, staging and production systems that are used by the developers, by the people who imagine, build, create, support, contribute to the evolution of the decentralization and blockchain technologies. In this sense, the Project also aims at building and offering secure, reliable and technologically advanced development boards, software environments and solutions.

So, the ChainBot Project's commitment goes also into imagining, creating, contributing, into taking care, spreading, protecting, strengthening and supporting decentralization, encryption and blockchain technologies, networks, infrastructures and entities.

The ChainBot Project is also aiming at shifting up Decentralization to a new level where we take care of its native environment in a more complete and holistic way by also focusing, for example, on its proper physical, infrastructure or software layers.

Encrypt and decentralize all the things!


Jumping down the wall of words above, I'm currently taking care of what I'd like to refer to as "Another step forward made towards the complete Autonomous Agents", the ChainBot devices!

Each ChainBot is a powerful and reliable standalone Hardware Decentralizer that is able to perform several tasks and functions at the same time while efficiently protecting, strengthening and supporting the decentralization, peer-to-peer and blockchain based technologies.
The ChainBots are high-quality open-hardware boards powered by custom-made Linux kernels that run a properly configured Debian system (usually) as high-level OS, that I'm developing and building with a strong focus on the security, stability and reliability of both the software and the hardware layers. They are obviously also intended as heavy-use, multi-tasking, always-on devices and they are per-machine optimized but machine independent (eg. you can upgrade a rootfs with different devices' kernels and modules, while preserving the OS image, configs, etc.).

The first model that I've produced is the ChainBot HD-v1 and (spoiler) a second one will be soon publicly available too!

The board I chose for the HD-v1 is powered by an ARM A9 Quad-Core (~2.0 GHz/s per each core – 1MB L2 cache), it has 2GB of RAM, a Mali400 GPU, LAN, 3+1 USB ports, IO ports (GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI), it is equipped eMMC main OS memory + microSD data memory, active fan cooling, 1080p fullHD HDMI output, etcetera, and it consumes at max 2 amperes at 5 volts. Sensors, UPS modules, small screens, etc. are also available to expand the board that can be eventually powered by solar panels too.
Compared with a Raspberry Pi 2, not only the RAM is the double on the ChainBots but also their overall quality, reliability, and "raw power", without the need to go deeper into the details. Not mentioning "things" like having two on-board memory modules, one of which is an eMMC type, twice faster than the microSD one... or that a ChainBot doesn't crash if you take a picture of it with a flash!

Besides their nice hardware specifications, the ChainBots systems are designed to offer some advantage more, like the ability to start over from a clean and stable system's OS image or to swap it with another one in just a matter of minutes and without loosing any data, like the blockchains, that are stored on a separate second physical memory. It is as simple as doing "dd if=ChainBot_OS_xyz.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1MB" and waiting for the eMMC card to be written: minutes!

These kind of devices allow to deploy a node, to host daemons, services, testing environments, to have a development board, a personal, portable secure platform and so on, in an easy, reliable and concrete way. They allow the code(s) to interact with us and with the physical world in some new, more stimulating, proper and efficient ways, while they get their emancipation through the autonomy...! :)

As of now, there are three main versions of the "ChainBot OS" that I've built and that I'm maintaining:

- Ethereum + xyz ((still no GUIs, I will soon share on this Forum my adventures with building Qt 5.4.1 on armhf (debian, ubuntu, arch) and some tips, for raspis builders too)

- Bitcoin + P2Pool (this image doesn't requires too much attention nowadays...)

- Namecoin + DNSchain + ZeroNet (I'm very happy to announce this too!)

I'll be glad to give you more details about their specific features "per distro" as you would ask for them, in the meanwhile, you can take a look at a ChainBot HD-v1 running crazy stable on or watch the first video (boot time) released here. Later/tomorrow I will also post here some pictures of the Ethereum node, together with some info more. Additional videos will be released in the coming days too.
I'll do a live presentation of both the project and the devices at the next "Bitcoin Wednesday" here in Amsterdam the next 3rd June, you're all invited, obviously!

Thank you for reading && Cheers! :)


  • geLgeL Amsterdam (NL)Member Posts: 2

    Here is a picture of Ethereum on a ChainBot running geth and loving it! :)

    I'll be back with details, enjoy your weekend && Cheers!!
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