Reclaiming my lost Ethereum.... any ideas?

Hi all... I have a small problem I hope someone can help me to solve....

I sent 0.053ETH from Cryptopia to YOBIT yesterday, and then noticed that there was a 0.005ETH fee for the transaction. This would have brought my balance below 0.05ETH, which is the minimum amount you can deposit to YOBIT exchange. So I have I think deposited below the minimum. The transaction shows as being sent successfully from Cryptopias end, but does not show at all at YOBIT's end, I am guessing this is because it was below the minimum deposit amount. There is nothing in YOBIT help section about their procedure when this happens, and I need to know if...

1) YOBIT will just return the small amount of ETH (approximately £50GBP) to the address from which it came (Cryptopia account).
2) YOBIT will not accept the deposit, and the ETH is lost in space somewhere, so I have to go through some kind of process to search for the transaction and have it sent back to my Cryptopia account address.

I have the transaction number, and I also have both the send address and recieve address, so if anyone can help me I would really appreciate recovering this money!

Thank You in advance,
Kind Regards,
Stephen K.


  • SlingshotSlingshot Member Posts: 3
    Ive put a support ticket in with YOBIT, but still no reply. Any way I can retrace the location of the ETH using the blockchain ledger I've read about, but don't really understand at all... ?
  • SlingshotSlingshot Member Posts: 3
    Can anyone PLEASE help me with a suggestion, other than what I've already done which is put in a support ticket to YOBIT. Is there a way to access my transaction via the ETHEREUM blockchain directly and reclaim my balance through them? Or is it likely to be being held by YOBIT for being below the minimum deposit amount?

    Thanks for your help guys, I am really stuck here and want my £50 back!

    Stephen K.
  • mike127mike127 Member Posts: 1
    I don't know the answer to your question but I understand your pain. Should you not also ask Cryptopia Support to help also? Cannot believe contacting the Ethereum Admin would achieve anything. They must get inundated with this sort of enquiry. I screwed up once and it was the Support team who got a misdirected transmission sorted out but it took several days...
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