Backend Javascript Developer for Insurance Dapp

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This is an opportunity for contracting work for the backend part of a upcoming insurance dapp. (, for whitepaper)


* Join a small, dedicated international team that is passionate about technology and great apps

* Help implement one of the first fully decentralized financial apps on Ethereum, learn valuable skills regarding integration in the process

* Work should be done remotely.

* Competitive payment with an hourly rate of around 90 $ / h, with payment at pre-determined milestones and payment escrowed via


* Taking a cutting edge web stack of your choice to implement the backend server part of the dapp, implementing saving of user data and checking results returned by the client, providing an interface to the frontend.

* Help ensure that integration is as smooth as possible together with frontend and blockchain devs

* Hit the ground running and work with what we have so far, but from now on help the team to find creative and cutting-edge solutions to problems that might come up. You have great freedom, but with that comes responsibility and hopefully creativity =)


* Great competence in a suitable backend- stack of your choice, such as Go/Python/Node.js/Ruby

- Python, Node.js (Meteor) or Go preferred. Meteor might make your job easier as some Meteor packages exists/are in use by the Ethereum team.

* Understanding of complex technical language and information relevant to computer science, cryptography and mathematics.

* Team work ability/communication is a must.

* Networks skills or devops knowledge at least for your own code would be great.


* You wrote financial applications before, understand technical as well as economic language.

* Philosophical alignment with Open Source and/or Free Software and the proponents of decentralization and web 3.0.

* Ability to communicate clearly and concisely and work well with others.

* Self-motivation is key :)

Please apply with a short E-Mail/Letter regarding your motivation and your prior experience to [email protected] and please include a CV (or link to one) and ideally a link to some code you wrote before such as github or a current website.


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