RX 580 Asus duals replacement fan?

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I reached out to Asus for a replacement fan. I wanted to buy some fans as I have one beginning to fail.
They said "no" and offered to do the repair service.
I'm not disconnecting a GPU from mining for months so they can charge me 100's to replace a fan.

Ultimately, I'm curious if anyone has replaced fans on their GPU and what fan they ordered to do this replacement.


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    I haven't had a fan failure but I have done basic reading about it. It wont be expensive if you do it yourself ($15) and is a relatively straightforward task but will have to take the card apart. Its slightly risky and will invalidate warranty. There may be cheaper fans than $15 available from china or elsewhere.

    I am pretty sure you will have to replace the TIM if you replace the fans and may have to replace thermal pads depending on the design of the card. If you haven't taken a graphics card apart before, I advise you read a few articles and practice on an old card first if you have one available.

    Your legal rights take precedence over the warranty so worth checking Asus legally can say no.
  • sutheksuthek Member Posts: 324 ✭✭
    I know how to do work on cards...
    My question is what model fan people are buying.
    You see a $15 fan for the asus dual? can you provide a link?
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    Ok, I wasn't aware what level of experience you had!

    I am not sure I am able to provide links on this forum. I just typed in google asus rx 580 and up popped a load of links for that model :) I hope you get your problem sorted. Cheers.
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