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rmoore95rmoore95 Member Posts: 2
I have been working on this for days and am beyond frustrated so looking to the community for help. I downloaded Claymore's miner on my laptop and created the bat file. Each time I try to launch, the command screen pops up for about 2 seconds then immediately disappears. I have no idea why or what else to try. Here is a screen capture I managed to grab last time...

Any ideas how to solve this?


  • KobeKobe LondonMember Posts: 2
    Hi, am new to this myself but somehow managed to get my Claymore miner up and running without any issues.
    Would you mind sharing your .bat file so we can see if all is correct there? A bit more info on what you are trying to mine and from which pool would also be helpful.
  • Cpt_CudlzCpt_Cudlz Member Posts: 21
    There are a few things I can think of here. Your card's VRAM + your system's RAM might not be able to handle the Ethereum DAG. It's huge right now, and still growing, though I may be wrong about the "still growing" part. The other thing is that you might just be crashing your GPU I would try adjusting the following to troubleshoot: Adjust your OS virtual memory settings. Adjust the clock and voltage settings on your GPU. Try adjusting the OC and allocation settings. Start low, and go slow until you find a stable configuration. Try upping the virtual memory first, though, so you don't have to do anything with the GPU that might impede hashing power. That seems to do the trick for most people. Also, I've taken to launching my miners out of Awesome Miner, because it automatically brings them back up if/when they crash. IT's pretty intuitive and does its job, even on the slimmed-down free version.
  • PalladanPalladan Member Posts: 24
    I think the point here is "Laptop". Are you running a powerful gaming laptop with a proper gpu inside or is it just a work laptop with integrated graphics?

    Instead of double clicking the .bat, open up cmd and run it from the directory. It will still stop but won't close the window so you can see what the error is.
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