Ethereum Mist Wallet (Ubuntu) Synched, can see funds, but SENDING stuck in PENDING

ch3mtrailinhalerch3mtrailinhaler Member Posts: 1
Had to rebuilt my Ubuntu machine. Fired up geth with --syncmode fast --cache=2048, got everything back to where it should be in a day or so. I can see my wallet. I can see the funds. BUT, when I sent test transactions - in this case to Coinbase - they just sit there as PENDING permanently. I've tried low and high (highest Mist will let me, and I'd love to know if there is a way to put the price higher) transaction fees, and they just sit there. doesn't even show the three. DOES show them, but they have been stuck quite a while.

What next? Rebuild the blockchain in Mist? I considered using another wallet, but I don't like importing my private key since I am the only one in control and that's what is great about using the Mist Wallet. The password is in my brain, and my brain only.

See image I attached, if that helps.


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