Start of RANDOM — anonymity, transparency, fairness

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Anonymity of good is height of chivalry, anonymity of evil is height of meanness.

We are glad to announce that the RANDOM project will be released very soon.

We, the team of developers from different corners of our planet, have done our best for every RANDOM participant to have an opportunity to try his luck with the first absolutely transparent and fair lottery based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

After the start our team won't be able to influence the course of events any more, everything will happen entirely in an autonomous and decentralized way. We strongly hope that you will get lucky.

All information about RANDOM will be published on the website

There you can find chats, forums and also the open-source code of the project.

RANDOM has no verified founders. Our names will tell you nothing. But we can assure you that you can trust RANDOM just like you trust the Blockchain.

The only contact person of RANDOM is Mr. R.

And remember, only you decide to be a part of the fair and transparent world with RANDOM or to support the world of deception and lie.


The first truth in your life


  • Mr_RandomMr_Random GibraltarMember Posts: 64
    Fight of RANDOM - anonymity, transparency, fairness - Start

    Hello! My name is Mr.R.
    I am an official representative of RANDOM.
    RANDOM is the fairest lottery from all existing at the moment, based on the Blockchain
    The work of RANDOM is organized completely on the basis of the Ethereum smart contract that allows excluding the human factor and organizers’ fraud completely.
    In the nearest future launching of RANDOM, where anyone will be able to take part in a Blockchain-based lottery and to try his or her luck, will be announced.
    Full disclosure of process and decentralization is how RANDOM differs from ordinary lotteries where greedy companies make money off ordinary people.
    Founders of RANDOM have no names. They have challenged and are ready to fight for a transparent, decentralized and fair world within lotteries.
    Participate, support, fight and win together with RANDOM.
    The first truth in your life

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