How many GPUs in one closet?

GSMinerGSMiner Member Posts: 3
I am looking to expand my mining capabilities at the house, but am limited by space. I have a large closet (4.5’ L x 9’ H x 2.5’ W) available to me in the living room that will have a door that must remain closed most of the time. If each 8GPU open air rig had seven fans, and the room had a good circulating fan, how many setups would be realistic given my constraints before the cards get too hot? Power is not an issue at all.


  • tinfoilMiningtinfoilMining Member Posts: 13
    Well.... not sure I undestand your idea, but.. If you're planning to have the door closed, then you need to drill holes in that closet and mount intake and exhaust fans.

    Or are you planning to mine until your cards are about to melt in there, then open the door for a moment to cool down, before closing the door again.. lol Sounds stressful :D
  • MrN1ce9uyMrN1ce9uy Member Posts: 190 ✭✭
    Yeah I'm not sure a ceiling fan alone would keep them cool. There has to be someway for the hot air to escape. Even one 8-GPU rig would probably get too hot.
  • GSMinerGSMiner Member Posts: 3
    Worst case scenario I tap into the AC and put a return in the space as well. Displace the hot air.
  • NicodemusNicodemus Member Posts: 29
    GSMiner said:

    Worst case scenario I tap into the AC and put a return in the space as well. Displace the hot air.

    A regular AC would not do the trick, and would elevate your energy bill a lot.
  • GSMinerGSMiner Member Posts: 3
    I am struggling here as to what my options are. My strong suit is certainly on heating, cooling and really anything to do with air flow. Anybody have any potential solutions to make this space even remotely usable? I am open to all potential solutions other than leaving the door open for noise purposes. My rig has 7 fans on it, so air is moving, its simply that the heat is not being displaced. I want to be able to scale up my mining activities, which has led me to this point.
  • sutheksuthek Member Posts: 324 ✭✭
    Get out of the closet.
    you'll need like 3+ 20inch box fans to force the air out of it. that closet would sound like a aircraft trying to fly.

    If you're not able to mine, just buy some coin.
  • RedsquirrelRedsquirrel Member Posts: 32
    If you design a rack system you could fit quite a lot but make sure you optimize it for airflow. You'll need an intake at the bottom of the closet and exhaust on top. And a fan at either end to force the air through (ex: one on top to suck air out). You then want the air from the intake to go through all the cards and the exhaust to go up. Might be able to get away with some inline fans, they move quite a lot of air and are relatively quiet. Often used in hydroponics or for bathroom fans. You'll want some good temperature monitoring solution, like arduino and a bunch of sensors or something. If it gets too hot it should start to shut down the machines.
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