moded Xfx rx470 8gb not stable...

aleq88aleq88 Member Posts: 2
Hello guys, currently im running a 13 gpu mining rig, 12x XFX RX470 8 gb with Hynix memory and one Saphire RX 470 8gb. The Saphirre gpu was moded by a friend and works well at 29mhs but the XFX cards are not running stable with moded bios and overclocked. I run them now with stock bios, 1150 core and 2000 memory -120mv at the speed of 26.4 mhs. The MB is a asrock h110 pro btc+ and the power suply are 2X evga 1000 p2 (1000W each). I have tryed modding the bios , copying 1750 straps to 2000 , but if i try to overclock memory more that 2000 mhz , some of my gpu get 0.000 mhs, frezez or restarts rig. Can someone point me in the right direction to achieve 29mhs per card? :cold_sweat: , Thank you very much in advance.


  • aleq88aleq88 Member Posts: 2
    I have reached to the conclusion that if the temperatures go higher than 55 celsius on a card, that card slow the speed. Is this throtteling? can i reduce this problem by increasing the power limit from trixx?
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