Remotly restart mining whenever GPUs crashing

happywillihappywilli Member Posts: 23
Hello Guys,

Im wondering if it is possible to restart my mining rig remotly when gpus crashes.
I've some issues going on with my mining rig, the GPU's crashes after 1 week.

I'm currently using 4x 580 8gb x gaming GPUS with EVGA GQ 1000Watt 80 PLUS Gold and i'm mining both eth + dcr
using these settings.

tt -30 -cclock 1120 -mclock 2100 -cvddc 920 -mvddc 875 -dcri 30
i've latest updates etc..

whenever my mining crash i get error message Application EthDcrMiner64. has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware. Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
and the fans goes very fast/high and i cannot access the computer from teamviewer, so what I need to do is to manually restart it.

Is there a way I can autorestart my mining rig whenever it happens and im not at home?



  • homerklezhomerklez Member Posts: 15
    Get a belkin Wemo or similar remote power device (that can handle 1800w), hook your rig up to it. Make sure your bios is set to turn on the PC as soon as it receives power, and ensure your miner starts up when you turn the pc on automatically. Ie in windows hit Windows + R, then type: "shell:startup" without quotes, and drag your bat file into that directory. Then when your rig acts up, just cut power to it, wait like 10 seconds, and turn it back on.
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