Ideal hardware setup for Ethereum?

roz303roz303 Member Posts: 66
We're getting pretty close to the initial release, and, like many, I'm really excited. So excited that I'm considering building a custom PC for Ethereum. So, what would this ideal system have? Best CPU? RAM? What about a GPU or two?


  • LarsPensjoLarsPensjo SwedenMember Posts: 35
    Be sure to first read the mining FAQ.
    roz303 said:

    So, what would this ideal system have?

    My take on this, please feel free to correct:

    It depends on how you define best. Is it highest possible H/s, is it highest H/s and $ invested, or is it highest H/s per W power consumption?
    • Anyway, better GPU seems to correlate directly to better H/s. They need to have at least 2GB RAM.
    • Having two GPUs will probably scale quite well. Better than two separate computers.
    • CPU power doesn't seem to be an issue.
    • I have 8 GB CPU RAM, and only little is used during GPU mining.
  • eupraxiceupraxic Member Posts: 16
    I'll second LarsPensjo's suggestions, and add the following from my experience:
    • I use AMD Sempron 145 CPUs, so (as LarsPensjo said) cheap CPUs work just fine
    • 4GB CPU RAM is sufficient if you are running linux
    • If you want to scale beyond 2 GPUs, consider building a custom "case"
    • If you want to scale beyond a few mining servers, consider PXE booting to a network share
    Most importantly, have fun!

  • KLmoneyKLmoney Member Posts: 27
    Thanks for the question and the answers. Very helpful.
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