TIPPING ETH for Web3js Security Advice

WhiteOutMashupsWhiteOutMashups Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMember Posts: 5
Hey guys I have another general question for some more ETH tips :)

If we are running a script that sends transactions automatically with web3js on a server, then what are some of the best practices for keeping the private key safe? We need to have it on there to do the signing, but what is the gold standard, reccomended way of keeping private keys like those safe?

It would be very annoying to have to re-issue all the coins all over again to the investors, if the token private key got hacked, and might look bad. No money would be lost, but it would give us a bad image.

We have created an idea, where we keep the private key on the server, encrypted, and we use https and a private, WPA2 secured Wi-Fi connection to make the API calls from. Would you think this suffices, in terms of security? Thanks.

So please leave some server / private key security tips here with your ETH address and we will tip some ETH if it is relevant and helps, Thanks!


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