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Introducing the world's first Ethereum mixing service. We currently support 4 different coins (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC) and will eventually add the top 10 by market cap!

This service was built by a team of security professionals who recognize the need to keep your crypto coins anonymous and not attached to your name. If you have 1,000 Ethereum and you purchase a $5 trinket off Ebay with your coins, this person now knows where you live and how many coins you have making you a huge target for hacking or kidnapping.

As our reserves grow we will also allow users to swap one crypto for another minus a small fee however this feature is currently disabled until we have higher liquidity in the alt coins.

Affiliates can earn 10% of gross profits here:

Investors can earn 40% of gross profits (after Affiliates) here:

The terms of both are very clearly laid out and because this is a privacy oriented forum, here's our privacy policy:

I am one of the founding members so I am able to answer technical questions, respond to the support email and provide proof of funds if necessary.

Feedback is appreciated! Thank you.


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