How Important is the Motherboard?

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I've been able to scrape together a few nice cards at a reasonable price (for these times) RX 480 4GB OC, R9 390X, and R9 390. I am using an OLD mobo (P5K) and am having trouble getting more than two cards to be recognized by the OS without crashing. Do you think my mobo is too old to handle multiple GPUs (i.e. more than 2)?

Can the age of the mobo affect the ability to effectively OC the GPUs? I have tried to get close to the recommended OC specs for the cards listed above and I cannot mine without a software reset of the GPU settings.

Are there better drivers than others for the cards listed above? In regards to mining stability and/or hashrate?

Finally, i am using Claymore+DCR. Would you recommend using the Radeon Software or using command lines in the BAT file?

I hope that someone on the forum will take the time to respond. I appreciate everyone's time and look forward to more effective mining.


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  • matman8171matman8171 Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for the answers. Is there any way to check PCIe lane usage or availability. I can run 2 cards on this old board but when I put in the third, I get the BSOD upon restart.

    The 390s are at 30 Mh/s at 300 wall watts each. Is that insane? I’ve got no real reference.

  • sutheksuthek Member Posts: 324 ✭✭
    I'm closer to 110w per card with rx 580 cards. (from the wall)
    I guess 300 isn't horrible.. you'll make some money... but that's quite a bit of electricity.
  • matman8171matman8171 Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for the reply. What is your hashrate on the rx580 cards? I assume the rate is with the modified bios and proper OC settings. What is your preference on OC software?

    I would certainly prefer to use 1/3 the electricity and get around the same has rate.

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