Some help understanding a transaction sent to my wallet contract? Please and thanks.

Hi all,

Just looking for some clarification. A while back I received a transaction for 0 Ether sent to my wallet contract which consumed a very small amount of gas (From this address: 0x18788edabbabc203bc7c157518dc4b2d4529f884). Unfortunately I am not very savvy when it comes to smart contracts and I cannot for the life of me figure out what this transaction is all about. I do not recognize the address and when I look it up on etherscan, it would appear that they sent more than a thousand such transactions over the span of about 24 hours. Most are outgoing tx like mine, but every so often a small but significant amount of ether was sent to their account. Can someone help me explain what is going on here? Is this an innocent use case or is something nefarious going on here? No txs ever left my account but I am wondering if I am somehow now more vulnerable because of something they sent to me in a contract or something.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


  • EtherGeekEtherGeek Member Posts: 34
    I don;t think this makes you more vulnerable than anyone else. Anyone can send what they want to any address, this was most likely spam, thanks to the spammer for gassing the network! Keep me posted if you find anything else, but looks like spam to me.
  • technicolorultramalltechnicolorultramall Member Posts: 2
    Fair, but maybe I could phrase the question to be more interesting for all. Why would someone spam the network like this? I mean it cost them actual money... are they fishing for something? If so, what?
  • EtherGeekEtherGeek Member Posts: 34
    Very good question, it could be to maybe draw attention in things like Say you were the owner of waramps.eth well you could maybe afford 0.001 cents each minute to just make a dummy transaction and then people would see your adr, maybe look it up and eventually make a donation.
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