Overclocking Memory gives me lower hash rates on my RX 580 8GB. (Hynix Memory)

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Basically, when I try to overclock my memory I get a lower hashrate.
Did I get a bad pull with my RX 580 8GB (Hynix Memory)? Is there any way to solve this issue, or another way to get more hashes after doing the bios mod?

I'm currently running my card at a core clock of 1150mhz at 0.931v, with a memory clock of 2000mhz at 0.950v, along with a bios mod of memory of copy and pasting my 2:1750 to my 2:2000 timings. (currently getting about 24-25mh/s)
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    copy the 1500 strap to each above it
    all my cards that start at 2000mhz on vram get 27mh from that no OC
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    It all depends on the memory timings/straps. Core clock has an impact as well and there seems to be a balance between the memory timing and core timing, but memory timing is more impactful. I have seen the same behavior on various cards I am using for mining.

    In general, I have had better success using the Polaris 1.6.3 "one-click timing patch" settings. After that change to the BIOS for whatever card I am using I get at least 28 mh/s and can tune from there to 30 mh/s or better in most cases. I don't mess with any other BIOS settings on RX580 cards. I adjust volts more successfully in both Afterburner BETA and Claymore command lines.

    Please be sure you are using Win 10 pro, DDU was run in safe mode to clean all the video drivers, you installed AMD blockchain driver and ATIKMDAG patcher has been run after driver update. Also, use the BETA version of Afterburner to adjust volts and timings. I put the final timings in the command line of Claymore's mining app. You can also get more mh/s by increasing the mining intensity in Claymore's app by pressing the minus key. The default intensity for ethereum only mining is 30. I have best results closer to 8. YMMV.

    Good luck.
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