Blockchain size =160GB?!

I downloaded geth + mist for windows to unlock and access my presale wallet.
Unlocked the wallet and now it shows up in mist.
It seems like I cant transfer any ETH via mist before the node syncs. It has been downloading non-stop for a week now, and the data folder now holds 159GB, and still not done. Is something wrong here?


  • goEthergoEther Member Posts: 6
    An interesting question, my geth-folder of the Ethereum Network is of size ~20GB.
    And for the testnet ~30GB.

    Is the geth-folder, the data folder you are talking about?
  • kloningakloninga Member Posts: 5
    116051 File(s)
    208 GB (224 291 246 080 bytes)

    03 November - Current size >208GB ...... :o:o:o
  • kloningakloninga Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2017
    i will try to add a weekly snapshot here
  • bacca400bacca400 Member Posts: 3
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    Just my guess: Since you have 116,000+ files, each file may not take up a full disk cluster, so you can have tons of wasted space. The old name for the smallest unit of space a file can take up is a "cluster". One cluster equates to one entry in the file allocation table, whether the file allocation system is called FAT, FAT32, NTFS, or something else. So as hard drives get bigger, cluster sizes do too. If you have a 64kb cluster size, but the file only contains 1kb, the LOGICAL file size is 1kb, but the PHYSICAL space it takes up on the drive is still 64kb. In this case the file is only using 1/64 of the space, or 1.5% of the cluster.

    So one advantage of having fewer, but larger, files is less wasted disk space. But there are trade offs too. This is why some people will archive a lot of smaller files into one larger zip file, then delete the source files, to minimize wasted space.

    So when people talk about "size of the blockchain", is that the sum of the logical bytes used, or sum of the physical clusters used? They are not the same.
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