Ethereum ERC20 payment gateway needed for wordpress

Dave90210Dave90210 Member Posts: 7 ✭✭
I need a Wordpress plugin that would allow for payments in a specific ERC20 token and Ethereum. Users on my site will be allowed to accept payments in a ERC20 token and Ethereum. We will charge the site users a small processing fee for using our site which will be deducted from each transaction.

If anyone can do this please let me know your bid and any portfolio of projects or Github links of previous projects.


  • FatimaFatima Member Posts: 24
    Hi Dave

    I lead a team of Ethereum developers. We are currently working on a IOTA payment gateway for Wordpress. We can show you examples of previous work. We will need more details to issue a quote.

    Kindly get in touch.
    [email protected]
    skype: fatima.yo

    Best regards,

  • icoconsultingicoconsulting Member Posts: 3
    Hi Dave,

    Feel free to contact our company : [email protected]

    We just released a wordpress plugin, not what you need but any way just to show it up :

  • olegabrolegabr Novosibirsk, RussiaMember Posts: 22
    Try the Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin. It is free for usage:

    Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway is the only one true decentralized ether and ERC20/ERC223 token payment WooCommerce payment gateway plugin. It enables customers to pay with Ether or any ERC20 or ERC223 token on your WooCommerce store. Your customers will be offered the option of paying with Ether or some ERC20/ERC223 token at checkout. If they choose that option then they will be quoted a price in Ether or ERC20/ERC223 token for their order automatically.

    After submitting their order they will be given the details of the Ether or ERC20/ERC223 token transaction they should make.

    • Accept payment in Ether or any ERC20 or ERC223 token of your choice
    • Free to use. Fixed fee per purchase
    • User friendly payment wizard
    • Automatically convert order value to Ether or ERC20/ERC223 token at checkout
    • Option for adding a percentage mark-up to the converted price
    • Ability to add "Pay with Metamask" button to allow easy payment via MetaMask client
    • Automatic transaction tracking / reconciliation and order updates
    • The only one true decentralized ether and ERC20/ERC223 token payment plugin. There are no service other that Ethereum blockchain is used in this plugin. You do not need to trust us or any other party. This plugin uses a public smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain to record and confirm orders
    • The Payment Gateway smart contract:
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