Please help: Can't get all GPU's to work at the same time

jalthagejalthage Member Posts: 30
Hi all,
I have an Asus B150M-C it has 2 PCIex16 and a PCIex1 slot. I have recently bought two ribbon extenders in the hopes to add a third GPU via the PCIex1 and a powered riser.
My GPU’s are:
2x EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 6b (These are attached to the ribbons, attached to the 2 PCIex16 slots)
1x PNY Geforce GTX 1060 6b SC (THis is the GPU attached to the PCIex1 and the powered riser)
My PSU is an EVGA 850GQ
The issue:
When all three are connected my screen goes all wonky. Nothing really works. When just the two extenders are attached everything works fine. When just the single riser is attached everything works fine. But I can’t get all three to work at once.


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