Small pool, or large pool - which is best?

sm907sm907 Member Posts: 2
I'm just getting started with Ethereum mining, and have a basic question.

What are the pluses and minuses of pools with a large number of contributors, versus pools with a small number of contributors? Do you earn faster on large pools, or on small pools?


  • ethertrenchethertrench EuropeMember Posts: 24
    Depending on the minimum payout you will earn rather faster on a large pool. While on a smaller pool you will not earn that fast - but rather higher. In the end - statistically - it should be the same.

    Neither the less I prefer small pools, as:
    - they have usually lower pool fees
    - they have better/faster support
    - they are more into building in newer features

    You might want to check out - it's a pool I created. So currently I am trying to find some miners willing to join the pool. The pool has been proven to work out good with Expanse

    Cheers, J
  • CrumbstaCrumbsta Member Posts: 27
    edited November 2017
    I agree with ethertrench, Large pool=frequent small payouts, small pool=less frequent larger payments. More luck involved in small pools, there is also a solo-mining equihash site now.
  • sm907sm907 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks much to Ethertrench and Crumbsta for your helpful comments. It all makes sense. I guess it really just comes down to a person's individual preference. I'll try out both methods (small pool and large pool) and see which one I prefer over the long-term.
  • NekroNekro Member Posts: 16
    Agree with ethertrench, small pools have better support and lower fees.
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