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I'm using(want) Ethminer-0.9.41-Genoil Miner at in a pool and I want to change the BAT file like shown on there site for Pool mining Ethereum.
But in my folder I have several BAT files. I think when I was just testing it Opencl that was working, should I change that BAT file and delete the rest? But I have the CUDA toolkit also installed.
This is how my folder looks now.

This is what says should be in a BAT file but doesn't say which and doesn't give support for this, I have asked.

And what does it mean what is my Ethereum address and rigname?,,,,, Your_Ethereum_Address.RigName>
What should I enter there, its on the end you just cant see it but it starts with < but if i leave it here it disappears.

I really hope for some help.


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    You just need to put the commands they have listed into a .bat file that you are going to run. And replace Your_Ethereum_Address with your Ethereum Wallet address, and RigName can be a word of your choice, like MyRig or Rig1.

    If you do not have Ethereum Wallet yet, you need to create one.

    Choose the main server depending on your geographical location. If you are based in US East Coast, use as your main server and as backup server.
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    Thank you, I'm in the the last part downloading the blockchain with Geth then I test it. Does it always goes slow in the end i'm at 4333080

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    I recommend using Ethereum Wallet from the original source at This includes geth with integrated Light Client option that syncs faster because it does not download the whole blockchain.

    That is identical to running geth command with -syncmode light option.
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