Random hashrate drops in claymore

WiinterWiinter Member Posts: 4
I wonder if anyone else is having this issue but my hashrate drops back and forth on claymore miner v10.
My current setup is:
  • h81 pro btc
  • g1820 cpu
  • 8gb of ram
  • 3x rx470
  • 2x rx 580
  • ubs risers
  • windows 10
it just happened out of nowhere. my rig hashrate was about at an average of 108mh dual mining lbc.
The amd driver i dont remember was the first driver for the dag file issue. it has been working great until today. so i did a fresh re-install of windows and everything for mining. it seemed to work for like 20 mins then the issue i am having came back and now it is fluctuating from 5mh - 108mh then it stays at 1mh - 0mh. I also installed amd drivers for gaming and it did nothing and then install the mining drivers so then that is when i decided to do a fresh install of everything. can someone help? thanks


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