For you big miners mining in northern latitudes. Cooling question

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How do you calculate total CFM of air cooling needed for your rigs? Admittedly, In January, my rigs need 2000cfm, but in July they need 11k CFM. And July heat is only 3 weeks. Do you just undrclock for that short summer period? Or go all out and install an 11k CFM system even tho on an annual basis you need an average of 6k?



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    If you're not underclocking and're throwing a ton more heat in the room (and using a ton more electricity).

    I'm not that "big" of a miner, but with four 6-GPU rigs, I need about 1000CFM of exhaust during the summer to cool my rigs on the hottest of days in Illinois. Keep in mind these rigs are tuned to only draw ~900 watts each (so around 3500-3600 watts total for the four of them).
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    Hello good sir! One method of cooling that I use for my rigs is establishing a hot and cold aisle where hot air is sucked out from can fans out into the atmosphere and cold air from a HVAC is pumped into the front of my servers. It really depends on what kind of a set up you are running. Mainly if you can, aim for a negative air pressure in the room where you are running your rigs.
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