Useful for local Dapp dev: Permanent seed-less mining node set up on GCE (details inside)

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So PoC RC15 is upon us, and with that we gained chain interop with the lovely C++ people.

As of 06 Jul 2014 it seems to work well, but running your own chain is sometimes the best way to test your dapp.

One solution is to mine solo, without peers, but if you're like me and prefer your laptop cold rather than burning to the touch, a better solution was needed!

Enter It's a permanent Go Ethereum RC16 mining node, seedless. It allows you to connect to it and get a chain that doesn't crash so you can develop without having to worry about the state of the network! How convenient.

To connect to it you need to do the following:

Wipe your chains first:

rm -rf ~/.ethereum
rm -rf ~/.ethereal

For ethereum (CLI)

Start ethereum with the following flags:

ethereum -seed=false -js=true

At the prompt type:


For ethereal (GUI)

Start ethereal with the following flags:

ethereal -seed=false

Then within ethereal hit CMD+P (or equivalent) and add:

Voila! You're now catching up on a working chain and can develop Dapps to your heart's content. Enjoy!

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