Ethereum Wallet by FreeWallet- How to get your money out

DustyLightbulbDustyLightbulb Member Posts: 7
You can get your money out!!!!!

I have been sending my mining rewards to this wallet for about 3 months and tried to take my funds out last week.
Whenever I set up a transfer the app would freeze on "Sending". I tried everything to fix this, different phones, data WiFi etc.

Support were shit. All they said was there was a network error they were trying to fix.

After failing to move the complete funds again today I tried to do it in part transactions.

IT WORKED!!! Anyone else with trapped funds I encourage to try this

I will not be using a wallet which I do not control ever again



  • FreewalletFreewallet Member Posts: 1
    Dusty, we apologize for the inconvenience! Looks like your initial transaction didn't get posted in the network at that time: it can happen sometimes because of network lags. When you retried your transactions, they did go through, not because the amounts were lower, but due to the network conditions.

    There are no limitations on sending funds out of your Freewallet address, just make sure you're not trying to send more than you currently have on your balance (for example, when you haven't counted the network fee in, etc.)
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