ether farming help

so i've been following ethereum on forex trade fr a while and i'm interested to start mining it.
i followed articles and guide to test it. however my laptop doesn't have enough GPU memory so i used processor to test that
i'm using latest geth + CPP ethfarming and i see it's running but i check coinbase balance it's still 0 or don't know how long it should be working for. i haven't found a discussion to answer that.
also i'm planing to buy some RX580 with MB Asus Z270-P
i'm still new in all of that but i'm really into it
so what what software setup i should go to for best result on GPU farming and i'm posting SS to check with u if i'm doing it right until now for CPU farming


  • greybeardgreybeard Member Posts: 20
    Mining solo with a CPU, your rig will have to work hundreds of years to earn even a fraction of 1 eth.

    Suggest you get that mobo and as many 8GB gpu as you can fit on that mobo, and appropriate size power supply. Learn how to underclock and undervolt the cards. Then get claymore or genoil miner, and mine in a pool (not solo.) At this point, you will see some small earnings from mining. You really need multiple miners with multiple GPU to realize significant earnings. Good luck.
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