ETH node on Raspberry pi 3 ?

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Hi, i would like to know if there an easy way for runing GETH on a rasberry pi 3 ? there is a couple of old guides around, and it's a bit tedious, and to compile all that....
What works on pi 3, in 2017 ?


  • BiloutBilout Member Posts: 20
    I finally managed to install it on Raspbian, the problem is that geth --light doesn't seem to be supported there... that's awkward
    I also guess there is no gui wallet working on pi... not very usefull
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    Did you try this yet: ... looks promising imho. Will post when I tested.
  • BiloutBilout Member Posts: 20
    Dr_Memory said:

    Did you try this yet: ... looks promising imho. Will post when I tested.

    Thanks, i didn't yet, but I will see if it works, i know for the purpose of running a node you need the full chain data, but that one will soon exceed the capacity of my SD card, so what's the point.
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    Do you plan to using the Rasberry Pi for mining purposes only? If not you might be interested in this:
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    Hi..i am a new user here.I have been planning to do 10 node RasPi Zero Cluster just to mess with it and since Pi Zero isn't expensive, so what's the harm. My plan was to buy 11 Pi Zeros (1 Masterboard and 10 Nodes) and put them into cluster-setup, run Ubuntu/Rasbian on it and hopefully get it to the internet. So what would I need? One USB WiFi Adapter for only Masterboard or 10 for each node also? What kind of a PSU I would need if I put 8GB SD-Cards for each node and connect HDMI/DVI screen, USB mouse and keyboard to it. I would like "All-In" packet kind of a cluster so all could fit into case and just power it from the wall. What kind of adapters, cables etc. I would need? All tips and tricks are welcome for beginner Pi-user
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