Finalizing parts list, what else do I need?

TankerEasyTankerEasy georgiaMember Posts: 23
Between Google, YouTube, and here, I'm still not sure what else I need to complete this rig. This of course is my first mining rig (hate admitting that because new guys seemed to be shunned..) I have the main components figured out along with a frame, its the smaller details I'm unsure about (i.e. the cords to connect everything, and any other peripherals id need), any and all advice is welcomed!

This is my current list of hardware:

Motherboard: ASRock H81 PRO BTC
CPU: Intel Celeron G1840
RAM: Kingston Value RAM 4GB 1600MHz
Hard Drive: Biwin 64GB MLC 2.5" 7mm SATA III 6Gb/s Internal
GPU's: RX480's (2 to start with, will add more as time goes on, eventually a total of 6)

Basically what I'm asking is can someone tell what else I need? what cords I need to tie everything together and the best place to go to purchase said cords? If there's anything at all I should add to the list please fill me in! This is an attempt to be as close to a budget build as possible and I've already sources several parts second hand through eBay. Again I hate being the new guy asking what I'm sure is a dead horse question, just need a point in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help!


  • mtbmtb Member Posts: 23
    Open air/or some other case?
  • TankerEasyTankerEasy georgiaMember Posts: 23
    Knew I forgot something, yes I have a 1200w PSU and its an open air rig, its the risers I need more advice on, where do get them from, what's the best brand, etc.. and is there anything else id need aside from those, I read somewhere id also need and on off switch with that mother board, but as this isn't a normal computer build its unknown territory for me.
  • SamsanSamsan Member Posts: 39
    gpu go for rx580
  • greybeardgreybeard Member Posts: 20
    @TankerEasy, I looked at your mobo. For connecting gpu's 1-5 to pcie8x (small slots), you will use risers. In your case, choice of riser might be decided by what kind of power connector you can feed the riser with;

    I guess your PSU came with a big bag of cables, some of which are for "accessories" and have a 4 pin power connector. I think powering risers works better if direct from PSU using 4 pin power connector, rather than using a sata port power connector. Just my .02 eth.

    Have a look at pix of "pcie 8x risers" on amazon and see which type risers fit your style of PSU "accessory power cable."

    Then at some point you may want to raise the gpu from big pcie slot off of your mobo. For this you use a different kind of riser cable, a big wide ribbon cable with pciex16 slot on one end, and 16x male card edge on the other end. Using a riser for the big pcie slot is optional. But you may want to do it for thermal reasons or to make accessing the pcie8x slots easier;

    Search for "PCI Express 16x Flexible Cable Card Extension Port Adapter High Speed Riser". The ones I got from ezdiy have worked well. I would put the links here but not sure and don't want to piss anyone off with "advertising." Send me a pm if you can't find them.

    If you can swing it, push hard to get rx580 8GB cards, like @Samsan said. Or 8GB GTX 1070, or 1080ti.
    Good luck.
  • TankerEasyTankerEasy georgiaMember Posts: 23
    Thanks Greybeard! Sadly I don't really have the budget to go for any of the cards you've mentioned, im honestly leaning more towards gtx 1060's because of the cost. Any advice on what programs to use?
  • greybeardgreybeard Member Posts: 20
    I am using claymore with success.

    Some radeon rx580 was on sale at newegg, I saw also similar card at bestbuy, they were in low 300$ USD range. They can be found for a bit less. Keep watching those places, they will be offloading the last stock of these types of cards, prices will come down. Watch ebay or auction sites as well, some people likely will be ditching their cards for newer faster.

    You really want to have the most gpu as is possible. But budget and funding requirements are understood. ;-) Dagnabbit! :-D
  • TankerEasyTankerEasy georgiaMember Posts: 23
    cruising around ebay im finding a few RX580's for close to $200, theres a MSI RX580 gaming X priced at $230, does that seem like a good card and a good price?
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