Can't unlock new account anymore with new client on Ubuntu!?

mikmik Member Posts: 57 ✭✭
I just freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04 and the CLI according to PPA instructions.
I created a new account, but when I try to unlock it I get following message:

$ geth --unlock b028139195ff5951ea3e8cd67b0242af024df884 console
Passphrase: *************
Fatal: Unlock account failed 'open /home/user/.ethereum/keystore/3863643637623032343261663032346466383834/3863643637623032343261663032346466383834: no such file or directory'

$ geth version
Version: 0.9.20
Protocol Version: 60
Network Id: 0
Go Version: go1.4.2
OS: linux
It also makes no difference if I append 0x in front of the address.
What changed, that I have overlooked?


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