Mining rigs supplier in Central London with UK, Europe delivery & VAT invoice

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Have been building mining rigs for more than a year.
Months of research and thousands of pounds went into it (including: server grade graphic card like the Firepro S1950, Intel 6900K, 12 cores Intel Xeon processor, R9 Nano & GTX 1080 Ti mining rigs etc)
Own & successfully run a small mining farm

Import some of the hardware directly from the manufacturers (Middle East and China) and the remainder from some of the biggest distributors in UK, Germany and the whole of Europe.

As they say, no job is too small or too big. Fast turnaround; generally speaking three days for small orders, 10 days for bigger orders of 20+ miners (..given components availability in the market. Although I keep stock of rigs and components, graphic cards are bought on a as needed bases therefore lead time varies depending on their availability)

I supply:
a) Plug & Play RX570, RX580 & GTX 1070 systems with 6 graphic cards only & GTX 1080Ti with 5 graphic cards only.
b) 14 days return (returns at buyer expense)
c) direct phone & remote PC support throughout Europe
d) payment by bank transfer, cash on collection/delivery or BTC
e) VAT invoice or VAT free to European buyers with valid VAT number and same shipping address as VAT registration
f) volume scheme discount to startup farms (5+ miners)
g) fast shipping throughout Europe for £125 + VAT per miner (shipping on pallet for safety)
h) open, robust, stack-able stainless steel frame (you could stand on top of it without a problem) free from wood or other flammable parts!
i) delivery and setup included in the price for Central London deliveries if two or more rigs are purchased at the same time (with the same delivery address)
l) remote software updates and new coins installation/setup
m) change between Zcash, Monero, ETH & ETC at a (double) click of a button from the desktop
n) a customised/modified version of Windows 10 OS is installed. Windows is not activated, it does not require purchase/registration to mine. Ethos Distro can be installed but remote or software support must be seek directly with GPU Shack (the developers) I will only deal if a hardware failure would occur.
o) peace of mind: by owning and maintaining my own farm, shall a problem arise with pool, wallets etc, I will encounter your very same issue and will be able to advise promptly

What I do not do:
- custom made rigs based on customer specification i.e. rigs with 7, 8 or a zillion GPU, dual PSU, different motherboards or with hardware supplied by the customer (within the limits of the system, PSU & graphic cards models/preferences can be specified, if available)
- I do not fix / setup / adjust / optimise rigs built by another company, individual or the customer itself. I spent countless months, optimising my system/OS/hardware.

Most popular mining software used to mine is Claymore but others can be used as well based on GPU and/or coin mined.
I strongly suggest not to dual mine as this would stress the GPU too much and shorten their lifespan. Better performance/return/lifespan is obtained by mining a single coin in optimised mode: that is cool and stable for as long as possible, not squeeze the system to its last hashrate/breath at the cost of heat, stability and consequently lifespan.

Main components of my system comprise:
Motherboard (Asrock or Biostar)
Intel CPU (Celeron or Pentium)
DDR3 memory (4GB or 8GB)
Fast 100GB SSD (500Mb/s & 125000 IOPS read & write)
Windows 10 (not activated)
1 x 1000W 80Plus Gold PSU or better
6 x RX570, RX580 4GB or 8GB; 1070 or 1080 Ti graphic cards

Can also supply switches, monitor and any other hardware you may require.

As you can see it is based on the classic setup (I do not explicitly state brand/model because hardware may change depending on availability but performance/reliability will not) except.. it comes with some fundamental tricks/upgrades. To name just few: PSU with even power distribution, custom made risers, remote on/off/restart switch via mobile phone app, stripped down Windows 10 with custom settings, 24/7 operation with automatic restart and auto-login on main power/system/miner failure. All of this and more to insure a smooth, hands free and consistent mining operation.

BIOS are all custom made by me and are based on individual cards (same models may require different BIOS setting).

TAX savings: miners are invoiced as Custom made desktop PC and as a business you can deduct their costs from your taxable income under capital expenses.

Dozens of clients and 100's of rigs successfully delivered & installed. 2 rigs returned within 14 days, 5 rigs bought back past the 14 days period so far (30 days and two months) mostly due to funds needed elsewhere (buying house & taking different business direction).

I will update prices, on the second post below, on a weekly bases or as often as possible. Prices will need to be confirmed at the time of the order and may change without notice.

Feel free to email or call at your earliest convenience

Paolo S.
T/a 2-K Electronics
WC1N 3AD ¦ London ¦ UK
Landline: (+44) 0207 866 2386
Mobile: 0744 862 0428
Email: [email protected]
VAT# GB 254 2537 11


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