Which one is better GTX 1070 OR AMD RX 480?

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I was little confused for choosing my GPU to start my rig. But here is a thing that I came across - https://www.coinsuggest.com/6-gpu-ethereum-mining-rig/. The post says go with GTX 1070 but everyone around says go with 480s. Also, one good thing about this is that I can shift to Zcash with this rig.

But which one should I go with?


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    The post says GTX1070, because you can't buy an RX 480, it's sold out on the whole planet months ago.
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    GTX 1060 !
    You can achieve 24MH/S with low power consumption and much cheaper price. You've got GPU around 200$ already like here: https://goo.gl/vJmdHs
    1070 is double that price for only 50% more hash power.
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    I would say 1060's as well having a couply of STRIX OC 6B 1060 models and I can get them pumping along at 22mh/s and around 130w per card in a 2 card rig (its a bit less as the wall power includes the draw from the rest of the computer.

    My only concern with them is obviously the yield/output/return per machine as your not going to get as much hashes/machine in a 6 GPU config but stil 120-130MH/s is good for sub 1000W consumption.

    I tried 2 in a conventional case under ubuntu and it did get hot. The top card was hitting 64-70c which I felt was too high. I'm getting a open frame and will hopefully get better thermals.

    I'm about to get a few 580's and now have a 1070 coming for comparison too, will update, if people are interested, once try out the configuration.

    I know people go on about claymore. I used ethminer and claymore on ubuntu with latest nvidia drivers and cuda installed and the difference was negligible. Just need to get a good UI for monitoring on their and I'm set.
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    I would say it depends on a lot of things. How much you can buy the card for is certainly one factor. I remember when I ran the calculations that the GTX 1060, with my electricity cost returned a small amount more for every $1 of electricity you would invest.

    This is complicated by the fact that you may have to buy another rig (depending on how many cards you want to buy) and that would make the GTX 1060 choice less profitable overall. That is to say, if you were to spend the same money on a 1070 rig, then you would be better off when all sums are done.

    You need to look at the overall profitability of your investment.

    One thing I think you can say for sure. If you have the choice between 3 1070s and 5 1060s on the same rig then go for the 1060s if you are looking purely at electrical costs. But you will also need to consider hardware costs in your area and also other factors such as sellability of the cards.
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    @mjbeebee you can lower the consumption to around 70W without losing hashrate
    @Miner8472 you are right but with the price you pay for the 1070 and the lower consumption of the 1060, you're better off with a 1060. I have a 10x GTX 1060 rig where power is between 70 and 80W per GPU and I get 230Mh/s hash rate.
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    I only like my 1070 over my Polaris cards for gaming. My STRIX RX480 was iffy when I temporarily stopped mining on it and started gaming (some days it'd crash after playing for a few hours, others it'd be fine). My 1070 has absolutely zero issues, especially with a modest memory OC.

    I run around 100w and get 29.5MH/s on my 1070. My 480 drew closer to 120w and got 30.5-31MH.

    I guess you have to weigh all the pros and cons:

    Do you mind using the bugged blockchain drivers for AMD?
    Do you mind the increased ROI if you go with the 1070?
    Will you be gaming on this card at all?
    Do you know how to mod Polaris mem straps?
    Would you rather just plug and play instead of tune?
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    I have 8 RX 480 reference cards going at 226.5 MH/s at 1030 watts from the wall on a titanium PSU
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    Thanking you all!!!
    But as I read recently the difficulty of mining Ethereum has increased now... What is your opinion.
    Also, If I go with 1070 I could mine Zcash right.
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    You can mine zcash with every card mentioned in this topic.
    The difficulty (of every coin) is almost constantly increasing, so the more time you wait, the more profit you're losing. :smile::)
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    whats the best software in your opinion for zcash @rmh ?
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    ewfb for nvidia, claymore for amd, but i didn't experiment a lot with equihash mining
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    GTX 1060 !
    You can achieve 24MH/S with low power consumption and much cheaper price. You've got GPU around 200$ already like here: https://goo.gl/vJmdHs
    1070 is double that price for only 50% more hash power.

    only on samsung memory You can achieve 24MH/S in 1060
  • mjbeebeemjbeebee Member Posts: 20
    Which make has the highest chance of being Samsung ram? My strix models are micron and can get 22mhs at most.
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    I am not sure if you can get the 480s for a good price or if you can find any, ill suggest you to get 580s.. the stocks are now back on track, the difference between 1070s and 580s is that the AMD cards perform way much better when dual mining, but the Nvidia cards works much cooler with better hashrate when mining zcash and a slightly better hashrate on ethereum (1.5 mh/s).

    I prefer RX500s series because of big price difference and dual mining advantage.

    Or, if you still want to get the 400s, ill recommend the mining edition ones, those have lower power consumption just like non mining editions, good in dual mining and Ethash hashrate is up to 30.7 Mhs, Zcash 300 H/s and Monero 760 H/s benchmark / tutorial RX 470 8GB Mining Edition Samsung
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    ciprianpt said:

    the difference between 1070s and 580s is that the AMD cards perform way much better when dual mining

    I've experienced the opposite, my gtx1070s performs far better with dual mining with ETH/SIA, ETH/PASC, ETH/LBRY also (didn't try ETH/DCR with the 1070s).
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    what's the best way to dual mine?
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