Reported and effective hashrate widened recently

headshot155headshot155 Member Posts: 158 ✭✭
Can anyone help me with this puzzle. I have always had a very close reported hash and effective hash rate (+-1mh) but over the last 24hrs I've lost roughly 10mh. Nothing is different on my mining rig, stale shares are not greater than before, I never get rejected shares and my network connection is fantastic.

fyi, the drop to 80 was when I restarted the rig.

I do get a lot of watchdog mentions in my log file but I dont get any OPENCL errors, are watchdog comments normal?

When I ping the pool its 11ms, so super quick and all shares are at 16 or 31ms. I have noticed the number of hourly shares has dropped which leads me to beleive its a network thing. Will deleting dag files fix the problem and are there any settings in claymore that can help with this?

@pinetree - now I'm having this problem!


  • Fish_minerFish_miner Member Posts: 29
    I have running 30x1060 6gb its about 22,5 from each ,and tereotic need geting 675Mh/s
    I am maining in nanopool ,there always curent hash is droping or sky rocketing all time for me :D
    But in the end avarage 6h hashrate is always correct :)

    And i know all my rigs hashrate is correct and i dont have any issius .
    i think if your hashrate is smaller then because network latency its jumping and dont show right at the curect moment.
    But still i have optical internet, with cable connect to every rig and my download is ~250mb/s
  • headshot155headshot155 Member Posts: 158 ✭✭
    Think I’ve found the problem, my motherboard bios for some unexplained reason resent itself so all the pcie settings were on auto instead of Gen1. @pinetree, perhaps that may help you with your problem too
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