Geth client stops committing to new work after few hours of work. Miners are behind NAT.

0xff0xff Member Posts: 22
In the first hours there is a lot of messages

I0513 07:57:48.196669 43876 worker.go:355] commit new work on block 318750 with 0 txs & 0 uncles

Then later a lot of

05:52:32.205026 43497 sync.go:103] Synchronisation failed: pending items in queue
05:53:41.530992 43497 chain_manager.go:580] Split detected. New head #317650 (bcfa5bb8) TD=25077608748681, was #317649 (77372dbe) TD=25077281424311
I0513 05:53:41.531775 43497 chain_manager.go:628] imported 2 block(s) (0 queued 0 ignored) in 18.225987ms. #317650 [67e7c1a2 / bcfa5bb8]
I0513 05:53:46.113598 43497 chain_manager.go:580] Split detected. New head #317650 (39affb88) TD=25077609388765, was #317650 (bcfa5bb8) TD=25077608748681
I0513 05:53:46.114115 43497 chain_manager.go:628] imported 1 block(s) (0 queued 0 ignored) in 5.071608ms. #317650 [39affb88 / 39affb88]

When geth is restarted it again starts mining for a few hours. Then same thing happens.
I am behind NAT with 2 miners. This happens on both. Using different listening ports on both.

I am willing to help to debug this issue, so any developers are welcome with comments or suggestions what to look for.


  • Michael_AMichael_A LondonMember Posts: 61
    It look like I had the same issue last night
    Maybe we should 'geth upgradedb' our node every 2-3 hours and than start mining again
    Not very pleasant specially for those who like night time mining ;)
    This is a question we should address to....the dev team !
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