Will there be a patch for 3GB cards when DAG hits 3GB?

techtottechtot Member Posts: 339 ✭✭✭
Since there was a patch for 2GB video cards to keep them working when we hit the 2GB DAG size (not sure if that still works or not), do you guys think there will be a patch for 3GB video cards to keep them working with a DAG > 3GB? I don't even know if that will happen before we go POS and looks like it will be at least the last 1/2 of 2018 before this happens, as we are still only at 2.1GB DAG : https://investoon.com/tools/dag_size ...but I am determining which video cards to buy going forward..


  • mmalex11mmalex11 Member Posts: 5
    on the site it currently states 09/MAY/2020 as cap for 3GB cards, and the POS was delayed till the end of 2018.
    But the thing is that after the Eth fork on end of september , the time for mining blocks will be decresed so we will reach the 3gb cap faster but cant aproximate when. If you can get your hands on some gtx 1060 3GB for a good price i think it will be a good investement, maybe you could still farm till POS and if not just switch to Zcash or smt else. If you want to be sure that you can farm till POS you will need to buy 4GB cards.
  • mmalex11mmalex11 Member Posts: 5
    The date for the 3GB cap befor the AUgust diff increase was somewhere in april 2018, so i assume that we will reach the cap somewhere April-June after Metro
  • onis_ukonis_uk Member Posts: 85
    there will be no ETH mining long before the 3GB DAG...
  • pau1pau1 Member Posts: 24
    You could always mine Ubiq coin instead. It's Ethereum based but the DAG is a lot smaller. It's never gonna go to PoS either.
  • techtottechtot Member Posts: 339 ✭✭✭
    I am more curious as to how were they able to make a patch for 2GB cards, and if that still works? And if so, why wouldn't that still work for 3GB cards?
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