x2 NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB > 2.5mh/s with Claymore 10.0 and 385.41

What's happend to my mh's?, normally i got 24 mh's per gpu... :*


  • ctp9ctp9 Member Posts: 10
    Overclocked too much. Try lowering your settings. Sometimes you need to reboot your rig in order for new settings to take place.
  • Fish_minerFish_miner Member Posts: 29
    Have 30GPU x1060 6Gb
    Trust me ,best setings are max +550 memory ,above this number ,always had issius .
    Your setings is disaster :tired_face::D You can try put Core Clock about +150-200 but with your power setings ,GPU will crush ,you need then turn power up .
    All my rigs are on 77% Power and memory +450-550 and core 0 or +50 . Getingg out from every GPU ~22-23Mh/s
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