How do I get to show up on the status monitor?

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I'm dabbling with the c++ console client and it seems I'm part of the testnet (poc-9), lots of stuff flying over my console output). However at the point of writing this, the block height is #60002 (mined by my own client), while on this neat status monitor, the block height is over #117000? At the same time, I recognize hostnames/IPs on the status monitor in my console output.

Are these different testnets or is my client mining in the blind?


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    Hi @Genoil, that's a very good question indeed! You're probably forked, which is actually why we are developing the netstat tool, to give people a view on where they stand vs the rest of the network! Forks are not uncommon as the only way to be on the correct network at the moment is to keep up with a very, very rapid development schedule and almost daily builds and protocol changes.

    In order to appear on the monitor, you need to set yourself as such. You'll need to go through the documentation, there are two documents: Follow these instructions and the centralized netstats will have access to your info.

    Note there is also a secret key to input and be accepted by netstat at the moment, called WS_SECRET.

    Right now, we're keeping the number of nodes pushing data to the monitoring server pretty tight - if you want to give it a shot, add yourself to the netstats skype channel and you'll find the key in the channel's title!
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    Thanks @StephanTual, I'll look into this.
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    Ok got this to work more or less. It says mode: "fork", but I don't think that's the same 'fork'as you are referring to. For the rest it doesn't seem to behave very well on Windows. But I'll report that on Github.
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    SO @StephanTual, If you are running a go-ethereum instance and using geth to start the miner on a virtual machine running ubuntu, Can you then attach a alethzero or cpp-ethereum client peer running on the same or other local windows machine onto the same private chain as your ubuntu go-ethereum virtual machine? Do you have to be running geth to login and be displayed on the status monitor or can this also be done via cpp-ethereum client?
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    Thanks for this. My system is now working and waiting for the new key.

    That said... node-app appears to have some issues and is constantly re-starting. I can provide logs.
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    @rfikki works with go-ethereum, cpp-ethereum and py-ethereum. As long as the eth clients operate on the same network (i.e. have the same network-id) you can have them "talk" to each other. We have a guide for setting up your own private network cluster
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    @obscuren thanks for the reply and info. That guide looks like what I might need. Will work my way through it
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    Note that the monitor now uses this fancy URL:
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    Ok I just set this up on an EC2 Ubuntu instance (using ++eth). ++eth has synced upto block #278K and something and the nodeapp logs show that it is receiving getStats results in xxx ms . But still no show on (the new or old) stats site. Am I still missing something?

    Oh wait I've got some more infor here:
    2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: [eth] =✓= Web3 connection established 2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: [eth] ==> Getting info 2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: [eth] =T= Got info: 1436ms 2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: [eth] =i= { name: 'Genoil EC2', contact: '', coinbase: '0x4fc1fc39b116b527dad1040183bac1fee92cd173', node: '++eth/v0.9.15/Release/Linux/g++/int', net: '', protocol: 60, api: '0.3.4', port: '30303', os: 'linux', os_v: '3.13.0-48-generic', client: '0.0.8', canUpdateHistory: true } 2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: [eth] =✓= Installed Registrar contract in 1 ms 2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: [wsc] =i= Starting socket connection 2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: [wsc] =i= The connection has been opened. 2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: Trying to login 2015-05-08 10:14 +00:00: [wsc] =✘= Socket connection closed

    So I guess I don't have the right WS_SECRET...
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    Note that the monitor now uses this fancy URL:


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    It's quite confusing I must say. Now there's two stats monitors, each showing the same current block #, roughly the same current difficulty but completely different block time and difficulty history. Also different average hashrate and client list. I saw my Node ID in the list of last block miners of the new URL for a while, while my node-app settings all still point to the old url.
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    @Genoil, will soon be the only one. We're taking the old one down.
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    There seems to be significantly more browser rendering lag with than the old url.
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